Stagepass Terms and Conditions of Hire



The Client

  • In these terms and conditions and in the ‘Client’ means any person, company, corporation or Government instrumentality (including the personal representatives and permitted assigns and any person or corporation entitled or required by law to administer the ‘Clients’ affairs) that shall rent, purchase or facilitate any equipment or service from Stagepass.


Late Return of hired equipment

  • Should the equipment be returned after the agreed time of the specified return date Stagepass reserves the right to charge rental until the hire is returned.


Headset Microphones

  • Stagepass reserves the right to charge for any damage found on headset microphones upon return of equipment. Such damage could include, but is not limited to; Damaged cables, broken or bent boom arms, damaged adaptors, broken headbands, damaged capsules as a result of aerosol or makeup.

  • Headset microphones boom arms do not bend. If a headset microphone is found to be bent damage will be charged for.


Test and Tagging

  • All equipment supplied by Stagepass is tested and tagged by qualified personnel. The ‘Client’ shall be responsible for keeping the testing and tagging of equipment up to date if, the hire is a Long Term Hire or, the hire is extended beyond the original return date after dispatch.



  • Bookings may be cancelled up until 48 hours prior to the event. Any bookings cancelled during the 48 lead up may be subject to an invoice for a portion or the entire booking.


Consumable Equipment

  • Batteries for equipment are not provided unless quoted. Batteries are sold in denominations of 4 and may be returned if not used. Unused batteries will be refunded if returned in the original packaging.


Wireless Frequencies

  • Wireless frequency management is not the responsibility of Stagepass. An information sheet on scanning for frequencies is available upon request.


Theft, Damages and Insurance

  • Any theft must be reported to the police immediately.

  • The responsibility of goods hired is under the care of the hirer.

  • Thefts and damages must be reported to Stagepass as soon a possible.

  • Any theft or damage will be evaluated and the hirer will be charged for accordingly.

  • Insurance is the responsibility of the hirer.

  • Stagepass does not accept any liability for assets lost, stolen or damaged while in the hirer’s care.

  • The ‘Hirer’ agrees to pay all repairs or repair costs for equipment damaged by the ‘Hirer’ and to reimburse Stagepass at the currently applicable daily hire rate for that equipment for so long as it is unable to be re-used following damage sustained during hire.

  • In the event that the equipment is damaged beyond economic repair the ‘Client’ agrees to pay Stagepass the replacement value of that equipment.


  • All payments must be made within 24 hours prior to pickup or delivery of equipment. Repeat customers may be eligible to apply for an account.

  • Any account payment later than 30 days may be subject to a 10% loading fee per week thereafter.

  • Any account payment later than 90 days will be directly referred to debt collectors.

  • Cash payments must be made prior to the dispatch or delivery of equipment. 

  • Stagepass reserves the right to cancel accounts due to failure in prompt payment.

  • If the ‘Hirer’ defaults in punctual payment of any monies payable, or fail to observe and perform the terms and conditions, it shall be lawful for Stagepass or its assigns to retake possession of the said equipment and for that purpose to enter into or upon any premises where the same may be and termination of the hiring under this clause shall not effect the right of Stagepass to recover from the ‘Hirer’ any monies payable hereunder, or damages for breach of these Conditions.



  • Quotes are valid for up to 30 days.

  • Stagepass reserves the right to re-quote any booking if production or logistic circumstances have changed.