Basement Jaxx Vs TMO

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Basement Jaxx toured Australia teamed up with the Sydney Metropolitan Orchestra for an orchestral spin on their much-loved discography.

For the Melbourne show, Stagepass provided a D&B KSL System, 86 orchestral microphones, 12 Shure UR handheld microphones & 16 channels of in-ear monitoring all hanging off a Digico SD5 at FOH & an SD10 at monitors.

Stagepass also provided touring FOH & Monitor technicians (Dave & Dave) to follow the Orchestra up to Sydney & Brisbane to ensure consistency between shows despite the fast-paced schedule.

"The real MVP of this event was the DPA 4099 microphone. Of the 86 orchestral inputs over half of them were 4099's due to their flexibility and sound quality. We were initially worried having so many sensitive inputs open in an arena setting however a combination of the great mic choice and the KSL's cardioid design meant that we could focus on the balance of the mix without diving into the graphic eq."

Hear the full recording from the Melbourne Show here -