Lumina Theatre Co. - Legally Blonde

Lumina Theatre Company is quickly establishing itself as a serious player by producing excellent shows year on year and the 2018 production of Legally Blonde was no exception.

Under the direction of our sound designer Gerard Hook, Stagepass utilised the venue provided Nexo PA system, augmented with our d&b E0 loudspeakers and system processing. A Midas Pro 2 was in command at Front of House managing 64 Orchestral and Vocal inputs tidied up by a Waves Multitrack system for some polished effects.

Sennheiser EW500 wireless along with 30 of our JAG IMX6a headsets amplified vocals on stage while our Lewitt LCT240’s were hiding in the wings for additional ensemble stage singers.

The 13 piece orchestra was captured with a selection of our personal favourites including an entire percussion section of DPA microphones. Shure and Audix Handled the drums and Sennheiser, DPA and Radial sorted out the rest.

Orchestral Foldback was a handled by an Aviom system, combined with our own purpose-built cat 5 headphone distribution system. For the musicians who preferred to hear acoustically, small FBT J5a powered speakers fit in nicely among the cosy confines of the pit.

Our delivery is not just about the equipment we choose, especially in musical theatre. Gerard worked closely with the production team from day 1, ensuring that the mic plot worked around cast movements and character changes. Gerard sourced all of the sound effects for the show, including creating some from scratch where required.

Stagepass are proud to partner with a number of musical theatre companies around Melbourne and we’re eagerly awaiting the next production from Lumina Theatre Co.