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Playing to our strengths, we love to get hands-on. All of our staff have extensive roots through the events industry and come with a wealth of experience and knowledge. It's our hope to take the technical challenges out of our client's hands ultimately leaving more time to worry about other areas of delivering the perfect event.

Technical Event Design
Taking concepts to reality is our cup of tea. We get involved with the design and can provide detailed drawings to help communicate our ideas. From Schools to Stadiums, our team apply the same attention to detail, professionalism and friendly service.  
Reliable equipment and modular system designs allow us to spend less time setting up and more time ensuring that the artist and the audience are getting the best service. Our systems are scalable for either one-off shows or national tours
Public Address
Outdoor PA systems are often the lynchpin of an event. Everything from sports marathons to street festivals requires clear and consistent coverage. Stagepass is well equipped to cover both large and small areas with reliable amplification systems & noise management plans.
Designed, Installed & Tested - Our installation department works hard to take your requirements and fabricate a reality.

Theatre Productions
Amateur shows to professional theatre deserve the same approach. Our sound design department will work closely with your directors and producers to ensure that quality isn't compromised while working around the tight budgets of musical theatre.
Primary & Secondary School productions can pose a separate set of challenges from a traditional theatre. From the students to teachers, Stagepass staff provide training, consultation and design for school productions.
- Educational discounts
- Equipment Training
- Sams 4 Schools Compliant
- WWCC Compliant
Corporate Events
From concept to creation, Stagepass can help create an experience for your high profile clients and attendees to enjoy. Our team are excellent at taking direction and delivering seamless presentations that meet your schedule and budget.
Special Events
When there is no compromise Stagepass custom design a solution full of redundancies and fail-safes to ensure an interruption-free broadcast and show.
Audiovisual Equipment Hire
Designed for industry professionals but open to anyone, most of our items are available for standalone hire. If you're keen to do it yourself, we can provide you with what you need either delivered or picked up from our warehouse.
View our equipment here.
Equipment Sales
​​Unlike other audiovisual retailers, Stagepass supply all purchased equipment cased, tested and ready for the road. We also stock a large number of consumable items available for delivery or pickup when you receive your hired equipment.
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