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Yamaha DM7 Coming Soon

DM7 series mixing consoles represent a sizable step forward in this evolution of form, functionality, and flexibility with their intuitive UI, compact design, and comprehensive suite of powerful features that allow them to outperform other mixers in their class in an impressive range of audio environments.

Mixing Consoles

Digital Consoles
Allen & Heath SQ6
Allen & Heath QU16
Midas MR 12
Midas MR 18
Yamaha CL5
Yamaha DM3
Yamaha QL5
Yamaha QL1

Analogue Consoles
Allen Heath ZED10
Mackie CFX 16

Digital Stage Racks
Yamaha Rio 1608
Yamaha Rio 3224
Yamaha Rio 3224 D2

Speakers & Amplifiers

Passive Speakers
D&B Audiotechnik Q1
D&B Audiotechnik Q7
D&B Audiotechnik E8
D&B Audiotechnik E0
D&B Audiotechnik M4
Nexo Alpha EM
Quest QM12
JBL Control 29av

Powered Speakers
RCF 310a
RCF 912ax
The Box Pro CX5

Studio Monitors
Genelec 8020a
Yamaha HS8

Battery Powered Speakers
Bose S1
Chiayo Challenger 1000
Sennheiser LSP500

D&B Audiotechnik B2
D&B Audiotechnik Q-sub
Nexo Alpha B118
Nexo Alpha S2

Crown CTS1200
Crest 7001
Lab Gruppen FP 10000q
D&B Audiotechnik D12
D&B Audiotechnik e-pac
Microphones & DI Boxes

Headset, Lapel & Hairline Microphones
Jag IMX6a
Jag IM5a
DPA 4266
DPA 4061
Shure WL185

Dynamic Microphones
Audix D6
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 56
Shure Beta 57
Shure Beta 58
Sennheiser E609
Sennheiser E904
Sennheiser E906

Condenser Microphones
Audix M1250
AKG C451
DPA 4099
DPA 2011
Rode NTG2
Lewitt LCT240
Shure KSM 32
Shure KSM 9
Shure Beta 91

Desktop & Lectern Microphones
Clock Audio CH3
Shure MX 412 C
Shure MX 412 Dc
Shure MX 418 Dc

DI & Isolation Boxes
Radial JDI
Radial JDI Stereo
Radial J48
Radial Pro D8
Radial Pro RMP
Radial Ice Cube
Klark Teknik DN200
Wireless Audio

Wireless Microphone Systems
Shure UR
Shure ULX-D
Sennheiser EW500 G3
Sennheiser EW100 G3

Wireless In Ear Monitors
Sennheiser EW300 G3 IEM

Wireless PA Systems
Sennheiser LSP500
Chiayo Challenger 1000

Sennheiser A2003
Sennheiser A1031
Shure 874
RF Venue CP Beam
RF Venue Diversity Fin


Vision Switchers
Roland V60HD
Roland VP42

Video Converters
Decimator MDHX
Black Magic Video Hub 20x20

Display Screens
Samsung 7100 65"
Samsung 7100 55"
Hisense 31.5"
DSE 31.5"
BenQ 21.5"
Capture Devices
Atomos Shogun 7 Elgato HD60+
Blackmagic Micro Monitor

VMix Workstation


Stage Decks
GT Platform 0.6m x 1.8m
GT Platform 1.2m x 1.2m
GT Platform 1.2m x 2.4m


Lectrum L202s
Procson Arc 2

Cable Trays
Cable Safe Drop-Over
Cable Safe 2ch

Microphone Stands
K&M 210-9 Tall Boom
K&M 259 Small Boom
K&M 260 Straight
K&M 238 Clamp
K&M 23519 XY Bar
K&M 23150 Table Top
K&M 24050 Right Angle Clamp
LP Mic Claw

Speaker Stands
K&M 19500 Heavy Duty
K&M 24630 Extra Tall
K&M 26735 Round Base
K&M 21435 Standard
Chauvet Flex Stand
Outboard & Distribution

System Processors
Meyer Sound Galileo 616
Lab Gruppen Lake LM44
BSS Audio Soundweb
BSS Audio Omnidrive 366
BSS Audio Minidrive 334
Nexo NX241

Media Splitters
Whirlwind Press Power 2

Microphone Splitters
Whirlwind Concert 56

Personal Monitoring
Aviom A16
Aviom A16ii

Outboard Rack FX & EQ
Klark DN360
Yamaha SPX90
T.C. Electronic M One
T.C. Electronic D Two

Two Way Radios
Motorola DP4801e
Icom IC400 Pro

Partyline Communications
Telex BTR800
Jands EziCom
Clearcom Encore

Partyline Accessories
Beyer Dynamic DT108
Beyer Dynamic DT109
Telex PH88

Apple Mac Mini
Apple Mac Book Pro 13"
Lenovo Yoga L380
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Multimedia i9 Work Station

Audio Interfaces
Zoom H4n Recorder
Scarlette 18i6
Behringer UMC404HD


Figure 53 QLAB
Pro Video Player 2
Logic Pro

Ubiquity Edge Router X
Ubiiquity EdgeSwitch 24
Ubiquity Unifi Mesh AP
TP-Link SG1024
Apple Airport Express

LSC Mantra Lite

Proshop LED Multipar

LSC Powerpoint Distro

Featured products

Sennheiser LSP 500 PA System

The LSP 500 PRO is a wireless two-way audio system for professional use.
It has been designed to address audiences at indoor and outdoor events without the need of any power or audio cables.

D&B Audiotechnik Q Series

The Q1 is a passive 2-way line array speaker.

Q1 cabinets be used in vertical configurations starting from two cabinets with a 15° to 30° dispersion, up to 20 cabinets.

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